Homestead Report 23: May 10, 2017

In honor of May, I give you Canada Mayflower, Mayapple, and a Mayfly. Note: mayflies are easily identifiable by their three “tails” and upright wings.

Spring ephemeral wildflowers make my heart sing!

Going for a walk in the woods practically takes my breath away. The carpets of Canada Mayflower, the vibrant green of false hellebore, the gurgling stream…

We have a regular woods path that we try to walk every day; we’ve been placing some stepping stones in a wet area, and got caught on our own camera trap.


We have some brand new pullets, which are living in the corner of our garden, safe from  our murderous older hens as well as foxes and raccoons (we hope).

When we eat meat, we usually leave the bones out in the woods as an offering for the local wildlife. Our “stealth cam” gets to witness the result…

Charley and I had the good fortune of surprising a porcupine on our afternoon walk today. It slowly shuffled away and climbed a tree to escape from us.



One thought on “Homestead Report 23: May 10, 2017

  1. Healthy looking fox! So glad you’re sharing all these things–I may eventually (finally) learn (or re-learn) the names of plants I ought to know. : )

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